What is MoST?

MoST is a feature-rich and intuitive content management system (CMS) developed by Expert.

What is a CMS?

A CMS, or Content Management System, is the tool that helps the everyday user create, modify and remove website content through its user-friendly interface.

Without a CMS you would have to build and manage content through a technical coding language such as HTML, which is both time-consuming and frustrating. Working solely with HTML would also limit the amount of features and functions you could have on a website.

Some of the Features of MoST

The features of MoST are continually being updated and developed with the input of the broad and diverse community of users.

Content Management Features

  • Word-like WYSIWYG editor
  • Search and site map tools
  • Unlimited contact / email forms
  • Upload images / videos and PDF or other documents with ease
  • Photo galleries
  • RSS Feeds

Membership Management Features

  • Member / Customer database with fully flexible, unlimited database columns
  • Members can join and manage their details online
  • Caters for organisational and individual membership
  • Supports various levels of membership and fees
  • Automated subscription invoicing on or before anniversary date
  • Flexible membership subscription anniversary dates, such as a fixed anniversary dates or a rolling-date`
  • Member-only areas of the website with multiple levels of authority
  • Online directories for members, suppliers, etc
  • Ability to email directly to the database (either all or a filtered selection of members within the database)

E-Commerce / Features

  • Invoicing and payments online
  • Products database and shopping cart
  • Generate one-off invoices if necessary
  • Online Donations
  • Interfaces with accounting packages such as Xero and MYOB

What makes MoST different?

What’s the winning formula of MoST? Well we believe it’s a whole lot of things including its many features, ease of use, attractive interface, cost efficiency and support.

How much does it cost?

MoST is charged for at a flat-rate per month. The cost covers your software lease fee and website hosting. The cost depends on the package that fits your website needs best, starting from as little as $30+gst / month.

The monthly fee covers:

  • Disk space and traffic
  • Data backup and disaster recovery
  • Website and email hosting
  • Software support (limited)

Who uses MoST?

MoST was initially developed for the professional membership market and the not-for-profit market and many of its features have developed from the needs of these types of organisations.

Given its cost-effective and easy to use nature, it has now become popular with SME's, Government websites and Corporates. MoST is now enjoying a market-leader status for the NFP market in the Wellington region.

MoST websites

Membership Organisations:

Building Officials Institute of New Zealand (BOINZ)

Electricity Engineers' Association (EEA)

Fertiliser Association

Human Resources Institute of New Zealand (HRINZ)

Professional Services:

Wellington Accident & Urgent Medical Centre (AMC)

Rainey Collins Lawyers

Leisure Clubs:

MG Car Club Auckland

Government Agencies:

Mackenzie District Council

MoST Content Management V3.0.5758